…pra lisboa


Há dias em que apetece fazer tudo à mão. Pegar em qualquer coisa, fio, pano, botões e construir um objecto sem que mais nada possa interferir.

Há dias em que o nosso desejo ou a frustração de não conseguir controlar o que nos rodeia, ou o que nos afecta, ou o que interfere com o nosso trajecto, nos leva a pegar em fio pano botões e construir um objecto onde controlamos todos os passos.

Sem máquinas de costura a desviarem-se para o lado que lhes apetece, sem bobines que não bobinam, sem agulhas que paralisam.

Não, tudo assim na ponta dos nossos dedos. A crescer, a ganhar cor, a ganhar forma ou desforma.

Mas a brotar como se fosse Primavera. E com joaninhas a trepar até chegarem lá ao cimo que não se sabe bem onde é, porque um cachecol é coisa mais ou menos redonda, mas que quando lá chegam abrem as asas e voam.



They lived scared, afraid of being caught by hungry Xmas mouths looking for a ginger flavour.

Eles viviam assustados, com receio de serem apanhados por bocas de Natal famintas de sabores a gengibre.


they kept hiding and changed their colours, a total disguise in an effort for not being seen

mantiveram-se escondidos e mudaram de cores, de forma a disfarçarem-se e não serem reconhecidos


one day they climbed to the top of the garden

um dia  treparam até ao topo do jardim


and the rainbow came and took them away, to a place free of xmas mouths looking for a ginger flavour!

e o arco-iris chegou e levou-os para um sitio livre de bocas de Natal à procura de sabores a gengibre.


And the struggle goes on…

It has been difficult to end my task! the “quilt wannabe” lies, on one bed – unfinished, in quite a provocative manner. It is getting too big and too heavy and I am not sure about the combination of materials.

I´ve been checking some sites, checking other peoples unwise ideas on quilting but couldn’t find anything similar.

Is that good? I suppose it is. Or maybe not. Yes it is, not it’s not. It is. Not…

But the past weekend was rather nice. Gaetano joined us, from Italy, and designed some beautiful trims that are on the way to the fabric. I´promise to show it soon. I like them. And I liked spending time with him.

Next time we will work on the softies. There was an interesting argument between the 2 of us. He can not understand why an object with no utility should be produced. And even the squid he designed long time ago, and that I have always considered a funny doll and thought of ways of making it with that purpose on mind, well, I’ll make it alright, but we had to compromise – it is now going to be a sleeping bag!!

This is just one example of why this blog was named “the big craft disaster”…

WIP – but not for too long…

I have decided to play with old jeans and wool.

Mixing knitting and quilting, and a bit of recycling.

I am cutting uneven pieces of jeans and knitting uneven pieces of yarn and just playing with them on the table before feeling brave enough to sew them together.
The original idea was to make a bed spread out of jeans pockets! Re-using all the old jeans that we have around each messy closet.

Well it did not work! But I haven´t given up on that idea.
I gave myself the deadline of Wednesday to get this done. Let’s see what comes out!!!