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    Michel Smiely*

    A sad return to a practice that has led millions of people die in Europe for over 60 years ago, is being undertaken by the State Government of Rio de Janeiro with the policy of “Eco-limits” or better “Walls” to contain the progress of the favelas. 11 are to be pseudo muradas with regard to not enter most of the forests surrounding these communities.

    There is a clear evidence of ongoing ENVIRONMENTAL RACISM. When reading an article by Robert Bullard, Sociologist and Director of the Environmental Justice Resource Center, he describes very well the concept behind this new definition;
    “The concept of” environmental racism “refers to any policy, practice or policy that affects or harms of different forms, voluntarily or involuntarily, to persons, groups or communities for reasons of race or color. This idea is associated with public policies and industrial practices directed at encouraging companies imposing high costs on people of color. Government institutions, legal, economic, political and military reinforce racism and environmental impact on local use of land, the application of environmental standards in the establishment of industrial plants and, in particular the places where live, work and have their leisure people of color. Environmental Racism is very deeply rooted and very difficult to eradicate.
    The environmental decision-making often reflects the agreements of power prevalent in society and its institutions. This will affect people of color, while offering benefits and privileges for companies and individuals of the highest layers of society. The question of who pays and who benefits from environmental and industrial policies is crucial in the analysis of environmental racism. ”
    I do not want to be frivolous to say that there is a policy in place to ensure that poor and black (undesirable) are a step to be sterilized so that they can not give more continuity to life for new children. A certain official of the Ministry of Health, once commented that the health posts in Rio de Janeiro is applied injections with this eugenist. It is known there as many men or women of childbearing age were subjected to this type of medical-scientific process of extermination. But what scares at the moment is the potential possibility of the walls after they raised government agencies establish a “theater” of operations of extermination with the full goal of a “final solution” of nascedouro of more children of poor black children “favelados” (homeless?). It is time for organized civil society to make a call inernacional to report what is happening here. In Nazi Germany they were daily actions of government that gave in reply. More than 6 million Jews (unwanted) died, it was late when the international assistance. Who cares this policy? I very much admire the minister Carlos Minc, a Jew from birth be supporting this government’s dark feat Sergio Cabral who practice the same mechanisms the expertise of staff from Hitler to return more than 60 years after what was undoubtedly one of the greatest shame of humanity.


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